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2024 School Fees Concession Program Financial Hardship Program

2024 School Fees Concession Program Financial Hardship

Eligible Centrelink Concession Card (CCC) Holder

Information for Applicants

Aim: To assist school families experiencing financial hardship in accessing a Catholic Primary education for their child/children.

Confidentiality: At all times, the dignity and privacy of those seeking a fee concession will be respected.

Level of Concession: School office staff can advise applicants of the concessional fee to be charged. This concessional fee is fixed annually by Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited. Approved applicants will be charged only the concessional fee which will cover all standard school fees and levies including any charges remaining for camps, sports and excursions after the application of the Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund (CSEF) benefit.

Eligible Concession Cards: Centrelink issues a number of concession cards for a variety of reasons. Some cards have a generous or no income test and therefore holders of these cards are ineligible for a fee concession under Category One. Only CCC’s that are eligible for CSEF are eligible for the School Fees Concession Program. 

The following CCC’s are the most common cards that are eligible for CSEF. The CCC type is specified as a two or three letter code printed on the concession card.

  • YA or YAL – Youth Allowance
  • PPS – Parenting Payment Single
  • PPP – Parenting Payment Partnered
  • DSP – Disability Support Pension
  • NSA – New Start Allowance
  • LI – Low Income
  • FA – Family Tax Benefit
  • SA or SKA - Sickness Allowance
  • CAR - Carer Allowance
  • ABA or ABY - Schooling Applicant
  • AGE - Age Pension
  • AUS - Austudy
  • HCC - Health Care Card
  • PTA - Partnered Allowance
  • SPL - Special Benefit
  • WID or WFD or WFA – Widow Allowance/Pension

The CCC must be issued in the name of the fee payer and list the students for which the concession is to be applied.

The expiry date of the card must be on or after 1 January of the year (2024) for which the concession is to be applied.

If an eligible concession card expires after the start of the year, the concessional fee rate will still be applied for the entire year.

If a family becomes eligible during the course of a school year, then a pro-rata concession may be granted.

Lodgement of Application: Application for 2024 close on Friday 28th June 2024, please lodge your application immediately for your card to be checked and a pro-rata concession to be applied if applicable.

The following application forms must be completed and are available from the school office:

  • Complete the school’s application form & the Direct Debit Request (DDR) Service Agreement (or Centrepay application form)
  • Submit the completed forms and present a valid CCC for verifying and copying.
  • Complete and return the CSEF application form immediately after receiving it from the school.

Important Notes:

  • The concession is automatic for a parent/guardian responsible for the school fees, who holds an eligible CCC.
  • Any offer of a concession is subject to the applicant entering into a DDR Service Agreement or CentrePay arrangement for a regular payment plan of remaining fees (either weekly or fortnightly payments preferred). Any default in payment may result in the concession being withdrawn.
  • The Direct Debit form is available from the school office or alternatively the CentrePay application form is available online at
  • A CSEF application must be submitted for a concession to be granted.
  • A new application must be made for each school year.
  • Where the fee account is split, the concession applies to only that portion payable by the eligible card holder.
  • All families requesting, or receiving, a fee concession must notify the school should their financial circumstances change sufficiently to affect the level of concession offered or if cards are cancelled.

Please complete the below concession request forms and return to admin together with a copy of your valid concession card before Friday 28th June 2024.



Good morning all, just letting the St Ita's community know that I will be on carers leave from Tuesday Feburary 27th -Tuesday March 5th.
In my absence for the week Mr Steve Pitt will take on the acting Principal role.
Steve can be contacted via his school email on or via school admin on 5623 7222.

Kind regards,
Andrew Osler

Important Message to Families

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

I am writing to address community questions and concerns that have arisen in relation to the death of Mr Tyler Attwell.

I was informed of allegations in relation to Mr Attwell and acted as per our policies and procedures by contacting the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited for advice and support.  Victoria Police subsequently began an investigation and laid charges, upon which Mr Attwell did not continue to attend school.  As this is a Victorian Police matter, I cannot make any further comments.

Please be aware that the staff at St Ita’s remain committed to creating and maintaining an environment where child safety and wellbeing of all children is paramount.

I acknowledge that issues or concerns of this nature can cause stress or worry for students and could impact upon their wellbeing and learning.  I encourage parents, guardians and carers to have age-appropriate conversations with their children who may have concerns in relation to the matter and reinforce that St Ita’s takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety of students.

St Ita’s has a support network for all students and parents to assist in managing mental health and wellbeing. Students are encouraged to seek wellbeing support from the School Improvement Team if required.  Parents, guardians and carers may also contact school leadership on 5623-7222 should you have any wellbeing concerns for your child/children.

Additional support is available by contacting Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.

I would like to thank everyone for their support over this week.


Yours sincerely




Andrew Osler


Important Message to all St Ita's Families

Today the school was given the very sad news that Mr. Tyler Attwell, a staff member at St Ita’s Primary School, has passed away. This happened away from school.

This is a very difficult time for Mr. Attwell’s family, close friends, colleagues and for all of us who knew him, and for a while, it will be difficult for some students to think about anything else. Although your child may be affected by the loss of Mr. Attwell, it would be best for school routine to continue as normally as possible, and children should attend school. For students who are particularly impacted, there will be wellbeing support available at school.

It is common and normal that everyone will have a unique personal response to this news. It is important for children to talk and we encourage families to do so with their children in a way that is appropriate for you. 

To support staff and students, Victorian Counselling and Psychological Services will be available to provide counselling and support services at the School from 8.00 am on Wednesday 7 February. This support will include a child psychologist.

Parents, guardians and carers are encouraged to contact the School with any wellbeing concerns for your child/children.

Additional support for parents, guardians and carers and students is available by contacting Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636, Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Osler